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Tissot T-Touch Solar Altimeter Watch Reviewed

Steve and Mike Marolt sporting Tissot T-Touch, Ampato, Peru

Steve and Mike Marolt sporting Tissot on Ampato, Peru...

I was wondering around Everest basecamp several years ago, and noticed that all the lead guides were wearing the same watch, a Tissot brand altimeter watch.  I approached our logistics guy, Kari Kobler, who had his watch, and in his thick Swiss accent, “Oh damn, this is the best watch I ever had, fabulous!  I can’t live without my Tissot on these trips…”


Upon looking at it, I knew why.  Tissot is a Swiss watch company that has been around since the beginning of time, pun intended.   In  the watch industries most competitive arena, Switzerland, they have existed since 1853 and have evolved to being one of the top watch craftsmanship companies on the planet.    Their products range in a zillion different styles, but for what we do at 8kpeak, their altimeter watches are the state of the art.


Our moto at 8kpeak is “gear we use that works”, and since Tissot came out with their adventure altimeter watches, I’ve had one strapped to my wrist.    Some people relate to the Tissot T-Touch watch as the “ABC watch”, Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass.   The watch is thus a piece of gear that has incredible functionality, but is actually a watch that you would want to wear-it’s cool looking.


 Tissot comes in sporty models and traditional models.


The Altimeter is without question one of the most accurate on the market.  Although any altimeter is dependent on air pressure sensors, the computer in a Tissot has a feature that adjusts the altimeter reading for a more consistent reading.  I’ve set my Tissot to map and not had to calibrate it again for days.   The altimeter also records total ascent and descent to track by the day or trip or in general.  For training, it calculates feet (or meters) per minute which allows me to track how I am performing.     There are alarms that can be set to tell you when you reach a specific altitude, and history to keep track of different trips.


The barometer is just as accurate, and provides a remarkable ability to anticipate storm fronts as well as weather windows.  I’ve used a variety of altimeter watches, and Tissot is the first barometer that actually works well to help anticipate “what’s coming” weather-wise.


The compass is without question the most accurate compass I have ever had.  It is easy to calibrate for different regions on the planet as well as hemisphere, something I never took into consideration until the detailed manual that came with the watch indicated was important for pin point accuracy.

 Adventure is always a race against time.  Tissot helps keep track of it all.....

The T-Touch comes with all the other functions one would expect, stop watch, alarms, etc, but it also tracks time zones at the touch of the screen.   So when I am in China, I know exactly what time it is in Europe, or back home in Colorado very quickly.   All the functions are encased in a sleek package, and accessible by touching the scratch proof sapphire crystal face.  The “Touch” aspect makes for a very intuitive operation considering the endless functions  available.   Not every user will fully utilize the T-Touch and all its functions, but for anyone venturing into the wilderness, this is a tool, not just a watch.


So The Tissot T-Touch series is a remarkable “tool” for adventure.  Other adventure watches take on a techy blocky look, but when you first look at the Tissot, the thing that I love is that it looks like a sleek and elegant watch, and not a small computer on my writs.   It is also extremely light, so I can climb and ski, but also ride my mountain bike with my Tissot; you put it on and forget about it.   It also comes in a variety of different styles with colors and bands ranging from techy red and orange silicon and nylon to gold and silver traditional.   The watch goes as well with a down suite as it does with anything worn to a board meeting.


At 8kpeak, we know that spending a grand on a watch is a lot ka-ching.  However, what I can tell you is that you get what you pay for.   Your T-Touch is not just a “disposable” watch that you will wear for a few years and swap out when your inexpensive watch stops running.   Tissot is a high quality product that lasts forever.  With  care, this could be the last watch you ever purchase, and could become that watch that a father passes on to his kid at graduation.  But before that time comes, rest assured, this watch will be one of the coolest gadgets you ever bought, and as you get to know the functions, will become a real tool in the field.  It is truly part of the “gear we use that works” and once on your wrist is a lot more than just another watch.



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